Century Old Chih-Kan Embraces the Modern Digital Era


Chih-Kan Elementary School was established on the October 15th, 1900. With 106 years of history to date, it is the second oldest school in Penghu after the Magong Elementary School. The school was originally named Da Chih-Kan Public School, educating the children in the Da Chih-Kan village of the Baisha Island. It used Suey-Sian Temple as its classroom before one could be built. Penghu's Governing Office appointed Kuba Seiyou as the school's first principal. The conditions were harsh, but he never forgets his mission to educate the local children and it has since become the guiding spirit of the establishment. Numerous changes since then have little effect on the school's influence in the development of the area. The school moved to its current address in 1922 and changed its name to Chih-Kan Public School; and in 1941 renamed as Chih-Kan Public School. Through time with the independence of its various branch schools, in 1968 the school officially established itself as the Chih-Kan Elementary School for Baisha, Penghu County.

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