Century Old Chih-Kan Embraces the Modern Digital Era


The village of Chih-Kan is situated on the Baisha Island, north of Penghu - a cluster of volcanic islands off the west coast of Taiwan. Chih-Kan is the largest community on the island with approximately one thousand inhabitants; therefore it has become the administrative center with shops, post office, supermarket and even a public health bureau. It is also the key harbor for boats traveling to and from the northern islands, such as Jibei Island and Penghu Beach for example. The main road travels from Magong passes though Chih-Kan and continues to the Trans-Ocean Bridge and the Siyu Island beyond it. The village therefore has a comprehensive set of infrastructures to suit the need of the most, and at the same time retained its friendly community atmosphere.

The school was once large enough to house 15 classes during the 1950s and 1960s. However, with the change of time and the trend of out migration, currently the school is left with 6 normal classes, special education class and a kindergarten. Making it 150 pupils in total. Due to the conservation of fish stock and the development of tourism industry in the recent years, the number of pupils is again on the rise.

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