Century Old Chih-Kan Embraces the Modern Digital Era

Current Strategies & Believes

The hard works of our ancestors and over a century worth of accumulative knowledge have left us a glorious legacy. The seeds of education spread over the past hundred years are already evident in all sectors of our society. Through collective hard work has turned the originally small and basic school buildings into an impressive education institution. Today, we stand on the shoulder of our predecessors, it has not only broadened our horizon, but also deepens our sense of responsibility to continue this legacy, collectively creating a brand new era.

Chih-Kan Elementary School is a school with a proud history and is actively developing itself continuously. The challenges we face today are how to continue and spread its tradition, and how to prepare for the arrival of a new era. Building an E-School environment, incorporating information technology network with education, strengthen the ability in IT application and language skills. In addition to improve studentsˇ¦ independent learning capability in order to construct a modern teaching atmosphere. Therefore it is the aim of the current Headmaster ˇV Mr. Sen-Yiong Cheng ˇV to lead the school towards a new era. To achieve this, every member of the teaching staff must acquire sufficient knowledge in information technology, internet and telecommunication technologies. Thus constantly update on the learning techniques, especially through open, interactive and virtual communication methods in order to keep up with the fast moving digital era. Furthermore, the introduction of information technology and internet can streamlined the administration works, improved teaching and the operation of the school organizational structure. Therefore this is the goal that the Chih-Kan Elementary School is about to achieve.

In addition, while emphasizing on the application of information technology, it is also essential to maintain its tradition and spirit that Chih-Kan Elementary School has upheld over the past hundred years. The school believes in the teaching of Art and Humanity, and developing childrenˇ¦s ownership to their land and nature. Thus fulfilling oneˇ¦s life and compensating both material and spiritual needs. This is done by nurturing a multi-dimensional knowledge and a suitable development for the students via the arrangement of dynamic classes and activities. The school is actively promoting the spirit of ˇ§appreciative educationˇ¨, that every child can be appreciated and respected regardless of their ability. It is believed that the development of reading habit can improve language and various learning capabilities, as well as enriching a childˇ¦s mind. We aim to provide the students with a broad international horizon and an open minded attitude through rich learning activities and trainings in language skills. The school has incorporated Art into everyday lives by promoting a movement to encourage everyone to learn a music instrument. There is a school recorder group and a junior orchestra, all aimed at giving the children of Chih-Kan an artistic temperament.

The competitions held for Penghu Countyˇ¦s Youth Football League provides an ideal learning opportunity for the students to observe and to participate in the sport. It is the target that the school currently working hard to achieve.

Penghu is surrounded by the sea with abundant resources, but the greed of man is causing the depletion of those valuable natural resources. Consequently the implementation of the Nine-Year Compulsory Education places heavy emphasizes on environmental issues and local education. This is transposed through a series of carefully designed classes aimed at understanding the history of studentsˇ¦ homeland, and appreciating the works of our ancestors and local cultures. While discovering natureˇ¦s wonder, the students can learn to respect life and appreciate nature. They should learn to care about the natural ecology of this land, and to learn about sustaining the life of both ocean and land through interactions with the environment. Thus be confident and proud of their home. This is also the working aim of this historical school on the aspect ecology and homeland.

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